31 July 2023


In addition to our industry expertise in product design and capabilities in marketing, selling, installation and logistics, we aim to elevate spaces by developing new design concepts and proposing a complete solution from concept to procurement and from delivery to installation.

With design management as a working core, Sangetsu Goodrich aims to improve our brand value to transition into a space-creation company within sectors: residential, commercial, hospitality and healthcare. In the process of conducting these businesses, we aim to realize their social value.

With Goodrich’s presence in Southeast Asia, India, and the Middle East, across more than 40 regional offices and galleries in 11 countries, Goodrich has been inspiring and enabling people to improve their living spaces and everyday lives for 40 years. Its experience and network in the region enable the company to provide a reliable and trusted service for any business needs.

Additional efforts towards the vision include collaborations and public relations (PR) activities which the company actively pursues to add value and build relationships with industry professionals such as hotel chains, property developers, architects, interior designers, and contractors.

With this approach to design management as a basic policy, Goodrich Global strives to realize the company’s growth and become a sustainable corporation through next-generation business.

B2B, Trusted Brand in Commercial Market

Goodrich Global has a renowned standing among developers, architects, designers, hotel owners, builders, and industry players as a business to business (B2B) product and service provider. Designed for creative spaces, Goodrich Global’ s curation of interior furnishing materials meets function, form, quality and sustainability. From commercially compliant materials with sanitising properties to energy-saving films, the company believes quality interior furnishing is for everyone, whether for businesses.

B2C, Expanding the Residential Market with Experiential Gallery for Enhanced Product Experience

In a new move, Goodrich Global strengthens its hold on the residential market with a business to consumer (B2C) strategy. This means bringing a more diversified range of products and upgrading its showroom. The refreshed gallery is Goodrich Global’s next step that places complete product experience and people at its heart. With a brand positioning that asks everyone to ‘personalise your living space’ and make it ‘your cover story’, Goodrich Gallery encourages creativity from its customers and inspires them to create and enjoy their own beautiful living spaces.
The gallery which features over 100,000 wallcovering listings from over 60 international design brands on a single platform, is the first of its kind and the largest in Singapore. The deluxe home furnishing offerings also include fabrics, carpets (carpet tiles and wall to wall carpets) and vinyl flooring. With so many products and designers to browse from, the gallery allows customers to envision their ideal indoor and outdoor living, working, resting, and dining spaces effortlessly via specially designed concept rooms. Offering the best Japanese, European and American brands under one roof, the curation of wallpaper, fabrics, carpets, and vinyl flooring are made from premium materials, appealing to those looking for an emotional connection – an important aspect today as people spend more time at home.
Goodrich Global’s refreshed experiential gallery is a showcase of inspirations for homeowners as well as for the trade.

The Six “E” S

Goodrich Global aims to transform itself from a company that merely “sells things” in the past, into one that creates enlivening spaces through sound design management. Beyond pursuing form, function and coordination of products and spaces, our approach to design management entails conceptualization, interior design, and creative solutions which take into consideration a space’s function and the people who use the space.
As the famous American designer Charles Eames once wrote:
“Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.”
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