Corporate Social Responsibility

Deeply committed to its role in society, Goodrich Global goes beyond conventional expectations to care for its employees and make meaningful contributions to the community.

Beyond the borders of Singapore, Goodrich Global extends its successes by actively giving back to local communities. The company’s philanthropic efforts focus on societal progress, uplifting the underprivileged, fostering the Arts, and championing environmental conservation. This benevolent approach has been extended to initiatives in Thailand and Indonesia.

Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

Aligned with our foundational belief in being catalysts for positive change, Goodrich Global’s employees and associates are actively encouraged to volunteer their time, thereby immersing themselves in the act of giving back to the communities where they operate. In the execution of CSR endeavors, the company’s core values – Customer Centricity, Teamwork, Integrity, and Continuous Improvement – are tangibly put into practice.


Ellemental By Lasalle College

In August 2016, Goodrich Global Indonesia participated in a design talk show hosted by Lasalle College, sharing insights about Goodrich's kids' collection. Here, the company introduced Walltalker as a presentation tool suitable for creative kids. The presentation also highlighted Goodrich's range of fabrics and wallcoverings, such as Scion & Eijffinger, which are fire retardant certified.

Pika Engineering Academy Semarang

In February 2016, the Goodrich Gallery Semarang visited Akademi Teknik PIKA for the first time. The local school, specializing in design and offering diploma courses in interior design and wood craft engineering, was the recipient of industry knowledge shared by the Goodrich team. The sharing encompassed insights about wallcoverings and floorings, enriching the knowledge of aspiring designers.


Room-For-Underprivileged Children

In December 2013, Goodrich Thailand collaborated with Dec Media & partners to support The Orphanage Foundation of Thailand. The collaboration involved transforming a 96-square-meter multi-purpose space into a classroom. This initiative aimed to provide a conducive learning environment, enhancing opportunities for students.



From 2013 to 2016, Goodrich Global actively participated in executive football matches to raise funds for ten charities. These 5-a-side futsal matches were held on the main pitch, with participants cheered on by colleagues and families from the grandstands. The initiative created an engaging and rewarding experience for all involved.


Between 2003 and 2013, Goodrich Global partnered with Asia Women's Welfare Association (AWWA), a voluntary welfare organization focused on helping the less fortunate unlock their potentials. Through fund-raising activities like the Goodrich-AWWA Charity Golf Competitions, the company played a crucial role in raising over $1 million for AWWA. These funds were directed towards supporting training programs for AWWA Caregivers, contributing to the organization's noble mission.


In August 2016, Goodrich Global Indonesia participated in a design talk show with Lasalle to share about Goodrich’s kids collection. Here the company shared Walltalker as a presentation tool suitable for kids who love to express their creativity. The Goodrich’s kids collection of fabrics and wallcovering such as Scion & Eijffinger that are certificated for fire retardant were also presented.

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