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Creatuft offers a large range of tufted, flatwoven & wilton carpets for both the residential and contract market using mainly wool and in other fiber combinations. A wide spectrum of colours and structures, cut-pile and loop-pile, in various gauges, available from stock. On most ranges, we can offer 4 & 5 m wide carpets, with various backing options.    


Product Type: Carpet / Rug
Manufacturer / Brand Name:       Creatuft
Collection Name / Style Name: Tufted Carpets/London
Fiber Type: 100% Pure New Wool
Suitability: Domestic: Heavy duty                       Contract : Light duty
Width: Available in 4m & 5m
Pile Height: Available in 6mm
Pile Weight: 1150g/m²
Backing Material: Actionback
Brief Description: Tufted, 1/4′ loop pile, 2-plied yarn

Care & Maintenance

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Type: Indent
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