Office and Conference Room Design Ideas:  The Latest Trends in Workspace Solutions

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Whether we are currently in the office or not, corporate identity is expressed through modern office space design. The environments of yesteryear are quickly adapting to herald in the workplaces of the future. Just about anyone can benefit from having a functional workspace to tackle their to-do list, make headway on a creative project, or simply catch up on some reading.
We all know that being in a comfortable, inviting atmosphere plays a huge role in our overall mood and productivity. But did you know that a well-designed office space can make an impact on the success of your business? Learning how to decorate an office properly can have a tremendous effect on your business. The most productive contemporary office design ideas balance the comforts of home with a professional business image. A stylish setting, full of color, life, and inspiration, leads to a happy, healthy work environment for your team members to thrive in.

When it comes to creating a productive and inspiring work environment, without compromising sleek, high-end decor, explore functional office layout ideas at Goodrich Global and Sangetsu Goodrich’s experiential gallery to find inspiration for modern offices, conference rooms, and more to create a personalized workspace design. With a few smart office decoration solutions in wallcovering, fabric, commercial flooring, and office carpet, you’ll have an organized office that helps you stay productive and focused on the most important task at hand: taking care of business.

Where to place the conference room in an office

The correct positioning of the rooms throughout the space is important in a successful modern office space design and layout. When figuring out where to place conference rooms on the floor plan, consider the room’s purpose. Placing rooms meant for presenting and strategy sessions around the exterior of the office give access to natural light, which helps boost focus and productivity.
Some of the best business office design ideas place rooms meant for private conversations or phone calls along the interior of the office that can reduce distractions and allow for individuals to connect.

Office design tips for the conference Room

It’s important for the modern conference room to reflect the goals and values of the company, as well as to foster an environment that strikes a balance between comfort and efficiency. Above all else, the overarching theme in designing the conference room should be to increase productivity.
Keep meeting rooms tidy, clean, and clutter-free. Purchasing cable management, storage solutions, proper furniture and wireless audiovisual systems can help keep extraneous stimuli out of meetings.

Infuse an inviting ambience in meeting rooms without being intrusive or distracting. Consider warm color tones in wallpaper and fabric. Engage soft lighting for small business office rooms while brighter tones and lighting work well for larger office designs and layouts.

Walls geared for presentations

When choosing wall types, glass is great for creating a dedicated space in an open-plan layout. Glazing partitions coated in patterned glass film set the meeting rooms for some privacy.

In office layouts for small offices, gear walls for presentations with Walltalkers, a whiteboard wall that is writable, erasable and doubles as a projection screen.

Walltalkers offers a virtually seamless solution for writable and tackable surface-scapes — from wall-to-wall and from floor-to-ceiling. Walltalkers has multiple writable, projectable, magnetic, and tackable surfaces for an engaging meeting with the team.

For a chalkboard effect, the Blackboard wallpaper can be paired with a magnetic base material, both from Sangetsu’s Presentation Wall, and turn your walls into an imaginative space that is writable with chalk and magnetic.
The blackboard wallpaper fire- rated, anti-mold, bacterial, scratches and dirt.
When erasing the written matter, first remove the chalk powder with a chalkboard duster, and simply wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Beautiful and purposeful office furniture

High-performance furniture is essential in a successful conference room design. Having ergonomic chairs, durable tables that are built to last for years to come, and lounge seating for extra seating options helps in supporting the functions of the conference room and will serve as a reflection of the company.
The collaborative meeting environments should be built to be functional, comfortable and, most importantly, purposeful. Whether it’s for taking an important call with a client or hosting a company’s board meeting, dedicated spaces designed for an exacting need can make all the difference. When done right, these rooms enhance productivity and creativity in a company.

A customised seating option in a durable fabric like faux leather is lasting and easy to maintain. Sangetsu Goodrich’s Shield Leather is made of a 100% silicone top coat which is safe for the children as it is an allergen free material that is skin-friendly. It is also inherently anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-mildew!

Stains such as ink, coffee, wine, lipstick and even betadine are easily wiped off by using a damp cloth. In case of stubborn stains, alcohol-based cleaning solutions can be used without damaging the Shield Leather.

Meeting room for informal discussions

Meeting rooms work well as practical small offices design ideas. These rooms are smaller conference rooms that can easily fit less than 10 people and work well for small office design and the main focus is for teams to connect and strategize. Equipped with a standard conference table and conference chairs, these rooms allow larger groups to put their heads together while everyone can be seen and heard.

Conference room for a grand experience

Typically for the main event: important client or board meetings, department gatherings and other pivotal collaboration sessions. These rooms are designed for 10-20 people and tailored to give a marquis experience for leadership and client usage. Large tables, comfortable chairs, and functional furniture, are perfect for these rooms.

Breakout space

Other than a conference room, this area in the office is perfect for a quick meeting or a client conversation. Equipped with sofas, soft chairs, and a coffee table or two, these spaces are a great way to foster collaboration and connection without building walls. Placing the breakout space away from the central workstation area is great to bring a sense of space and privacy that comes with the meeting.


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