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Discover the perfect fabrics & leathers for upholstery, curtains, cushions & wall panels. Elevate your interior’s coziness with our premium selections. Read now!
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Having fabrics in the interior is a sure-fire way to elevate its cosiness.

Length, weight, and fullness can all be customised to meet your requirements. Narrow your choice to a theme and budget for a fruitful experience. Choose from a variety of textures and weaves to achieve the desired effect. Consider using natural fabrics like linen, cotton, and wool for a classic look. Artificial fabrics like polyester and acrylic can also be used for a modern twist. Find out more about Sangetsu Goodrich’s fabric offerings. Consider various colors and textures that best fit your decor. Research the best quality and durability for each fabric and leather. Compare different prices and purchase the best option.

Leather is the undisputable prima donna of interior design, opening the way to a new concept of architecture for interiors and space décor. As a unique upholstery and paneling solution, tactile fabric is now offered in a wide range of exquisite textures to satisfy the most diverse needs of style and decoration. Combine colours and different kinds of leather for a truly personalised space. Leather could be used in the interiors of hospitality and residential projects.
Leather is a product of nature. How it is processed is an art. Leather is no mere covering. Leather is skin. Is it any wonder it connects with us the way it does? The Look, The Feel. even the smell. Leather is soft and supple d yet so durable it wears four times longer than even the most stalwart upholstery. Beautiful yet practical, leather has all the nuances of a fine wine.
Technology is the foundation of Concertex’s approach to product design and development. Established in 2010, the brand leads the industry in material innovation and embraces the courage to change. Today the line has expanded to include six product categories; Textiles, Coated Fabrics, Wallcovering, Wall Tiles, Outdoor, and Acoustic Solutions. Concertex’s patented Graffiti‐Free® treatment is the first and most effective ink & stain resistant faux leather in the industry. All you need to clean stains are just a dry towel & water. Even Alcohol / Water Based Cleaners or Bleach Dilution can also be used.
Performance Leather made of 100% Silicone, SHIELD Leathers redefine high-performance fabrics by combining the best leather textures with the superior advantages of silicone. Inherently flame retardant and resistant to hydrolysis chemical degradation, unlike polyurethanes (PU), silicone used in SHIELD Leathers also does not support microbiological growth. These highly versatile finishing solutions are suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects, catering to residential, commercial, hospitality, healthcare, education, motor, and marine areas.
In addition, SHIELD Leathers have been tested for high abrasion resistance with results of 200,000 double rubs (Wyznebeek) and 130,000 rubs (Martindale). This test method ensures fabric performance and durability, especially in high traffic areas. It is also highly resistant against stains such as ink, lipstick, coffee or wine stains and betadine. It is ideal for furniture upholstery and furnishings for a wide range of applications. It can also be customised for Cushion Covers (indoor & outdoor), Wall Panels, Bed Frames, Bed Headboards, Passenger Seats, Sofas, Seats, and many others.
These high-performance fabrics are 100% Pure Silicon, easy to clean, highly durable, allergen-free and eco-friendly fabric. Colours are customizable for this material.

From curtains to roller blinds to upholstery, Sangetsu Goodrich offers over 4,000 window treatment products. With such a wide variety of products, realizing your ideal space is a pleasant experience. Not only is it rich in color and texture, but we also have many washable curtain fabrics available.

We also provide curtain fabrics for hospitality spaces especially designed to be used in clinics and medical centers with anti-bacterial and flame-retardant qualities. At Sangetsu Goodrich, we carry well established brands from Europe, America, and Japan.

Consider various colors and textures that best fit your décor or project needs. Research the best quality and durability for each fabric and leather. Compare different prices and purchase the best option.


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